Merlin, the Wizard has been a guide for me for over 12 years now.
He has coached and guided me to and through some of the most magical and miraculous experiences of my life.
When you work with Merlin magic happens and alchemy is the name of the game!

Magic and Miracles with Merlin – A Journey of Self Discovery 

A unique program to develop your spiritual gifts and psychic abilities through a series of Magical Meditations designed by Merlin the Magician and channeled through Brenda.

You will not find this course anywhere else.

WARNING: This is not a program that you do, it is a program that DOES YOU!



Manifesting Magic with Merlin and the Dragons 

4 weeks of Magic with Merlin and his Elemental Dragon assistants.

4 Magical meditations + 1 wish/dream/desire/goal = One Manifestation!

This is a working spell that can be used over and over again.



Meet Merlin Magical Meditation

A Magical Journey to Meet the Wizard himself in his own lair beneath Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, England off the coast of the North Sea. 

A unique experience that takes you into the magical realm that is the home of Merlin. 

An event you will not forget! 





Internationally renowned
Psychic Medium and Evolutionary Engineer
Brenda Thyne presents…
Magic and Miracles with Merlin
Discover the Magic and the Miracle of You!
A Fun-filled, Enlightening and Interactive Experience with Spirit to
Reveal the Valuable Being that you are!
WARNING!: This is NOT a course you DO, this is a course that DOES YOU!

* Do you feel there is more to your life than you are living?
* Do you ever question your purpose?
* Do you seek a deeper meaning in your life?
Who are YOU? I mean, really, WHO ARE YOU?
You have transformed throughout your life many times.
Every experience you have been through has changed in you in
some way, shape or form. It’s called growth!
Transformation and transmutation have been continuous forces in your life.
But, what are you becoming? What is the purpose of it?
Internationally renowned Psychic Medium and Evolutionary Engineer
Brenda Thyne along with Merlin and the Ancient Ones who are a part of this
adventure, facilitate your extraordinary experience through 90 days of
discovering the Magic and the Miracle that you are.
Ancient Alchemists worked to find the formula to turn lead into gold.
Using different elements they attempted to figure out the process of
transmutation. Transmutation is the changing of form or substance.
In order to accomplish this we must mix certain elements.
Alchemical transmutation is an individual formula that is unique for everyone.
Our own special blend of energy combined with the elements of Nature and
Spirit provide us with the ingredients for our OWN individual alchemical
transmutation formula. We mix up a recipe of certain elements to create a
Are you ready to mix it up in your life a little? How about a whole lot?!
This program has been formulated by Merlin, the Wizard and is facilitated
under the guidance of a group of Master Teachers existing in the higher
realms, who joined together to offer their knowledge and secrets regarding
this Divinely magical process. And they certainly do bring it!
Now, more than ever before we are being given an opportunity to look within
and discover who we truly are. To find those elements we require right now in
order to move through these incredibly trying and evolutionary times.
We are ALL fully equipped for this experience. It is just a matter of discovering
for ourselves WHO WE TRULY ARE.
This program is the work of a group of Beings whom I will refer to as the
“Ancient Society of Alchemists” led by the infamous Merlin.
This team is absolutely amazing!
Archangels, Ascended Masters, Gods and Goddesses all being a part of your
life and believe me, you will see the evidence of it. It never fails!
This program is nothing short of extraordinary!
Merlin was, and still is, one of the most powerful Magicians and Alchemists of
all time. A true wizard, he is known for his incredible knowledge and ability to
work with the elemental forces to create amazing Magic and Miracles!
For this program. he has gathered a group of very powerful teachers to bring
their magic and offer you their own individual, unique elements that will aid
you throughout this experience.
Over the course of 12 weeks, you will journey through Merlin’s magical
meditations to meet with each of these awesome teachers,
make connections with them and with their assistance, recognize and
honour the incredible being that you are. Your wholeness. Your holiness.
Master Teachers and Ascended Beings of both the masculine and feminine
aspects journey with you on a weekly basis as you begin to see yourself as a
WHOLE/HOLY NEW BEING through this powerful process.
Each week brings a new guide to help with the work that week.
Each one is ready and fully aware of your personal experience and they know
already how they may be of the most assistance and will provide that for you.
You will be surprised, delighted and empowered to
discover who the amazing Beings are!
Some you may be familiar with and others you will meet for the first time.
You will develop a lasting relationship with these Universal Beings!
Every week there are wonderful signs and affirmations to validate your
experience. Every week Brenda channels messages from the Ones you are
working with that offer confirmations about your individual journey.
It’s awesome when you realize how this program and its elements interact
with your daily life!
Are you ready for a fun adventure?
Life lessons can be challenging. Inner work can be intimidating.
Personal and spiritual growth can feel heavy.
It’s time to LIGHTEN up!
Wouldn’t it be great if the whole process was illuminating and FUN?
Merlin and the Team do the work for YOU!
You just need to show up and open up.
Seriously, so much will be revealed to you.
You will see yourself in a brand NEW way.
Each week we will explore a different aspect and element that will provide
the powerful formula for your PERSONAL Divine Alchemy transmutation
● Meditation and Journaling in the book Merlin designed himself.
● Magic and Ritual as taught by the most famous Wizard of all time and
the most honoured Goddess in history
● POWER and Protection lessons from the Spiritual Warrior Archetypes
● Strengths and Challenges and how to move them
● Shadow Self acknowledgement and how to embrace it.
● Psychic and Spiritual Development by seasoned psychic Brenda
● Healing and Release through inner work, Angelic assistance and
distance Energy healing
● Birthright and Sovereignty teachings from a Wise man and Goddess
● Transformation and Transmutation on mental, spiritual, and emotional
● Creating and Manifesting instruction with powerful Universal teachers
● The Alchemy of YOU and the initiation into your NEW state of being
● The GOLDEN You! The Unveiling and Honouring of Your Brilliance!
The outcome of this program has you seeing and loving yourself as the true
MAGIC and MIRACLE that you are!
The Magic that you are capable of working and the Miracle that you are
powerfully manifesting!
You will have created lasting connections with a variety of Energetic Beings
that will continue to serve you for the rest of your life.
You will have remembered your POWER and fortified your FAITH.
You will have cleared, cleansed and released toxic or non-beneficial elements
that have prevented you from your GOLDEN shine!
You will have explored the teachings of TRUTH and INTEGRITY.
You will have accepted and recognized your Divine Birthright and
your Universal Sovereignty.
You will have learned to magically manifest.
You will have a whole NEW appreciation of yourself, Spirit and your life.
You will forever be changed.
Imagine what it would feel like to:
● Recognize your Innate Divine power
● Develop a deep and lasting relationship with Divine Beings who see
your Divinity and encourage and empower you to do the same
● Be finally free of the heaviness and density of toxic self illusions
● Own your Divine Birthright and Honour your Sovereignty
● Value the Magic and the Miracle of YOU
● Have a strong sense of Faith and Trust in Spirit and yourself
● Have opened up to your psychic and spiritual gifts
● Manifest Magic and Miracles in your life with joy and trust
● Set clear and sacred boundaries for your life, love and Energy
● Develop a deep sense of LOVE and Divine Pride for yourself
There are ONLY 10 spots at this price. Grab yours now because it will sell out!
This is a 12 week journey that includes:
● 12 meditations that offer Merlin’s Magical alchemy VALUE: $3000
Listen weekly and feel the transformation coming through
● 12 x 30 minute 1-on-1 weekly sessions VALUE: $6000
Weekly integration of the alchemy experience to help cement the
● Magic and Miracles with Merlin Kit includes:
Deck of 57 Oracle cards related to the meditations,
48 pg, Journal/Colouring Book VALUE: $ PRICELESS
This is the toolkit you will use to guide you through the journey
● 1 x 1 hour distance energy session for transmutation VALUE: $ 500
● 20 minutes weekly extra text/messaging support VALUE: $1500
TOTAL VALUE: $11,999