Dragons, Dragons and More Dragons!
Oh, and a little Light Language too! 
Greetings One and All! 🐉🐲 
What a powerful year this is transforming into! 
It is, after all, the Year of the Dragon and within that is ALL things Transformative! 
This is truly a year for us to connect with these incredible Divine Beings and bring about the transformation that 
is needed! 
This year is about connection to TRUTH. 
Connection to ALL that is Divine and available to us as we navigate this journey. 
Transformation and Transmutation are inevitable. 
They are the HOW and WHY.
We are here to transform our world. We are here to transmute that which is of a lower vibration and transform 
it into a NEW experience. 

A Naturally Evolved World. 
Naturally through our own unique work and Divine abilities. 
And with the encouragement and assistance of our allies and helpers who are also working for the Light. 
We have powerful allies who are experts in this field of work. 
They are the Dragons. 🐲🐉
Transformation and Transmutation is what they’re all about. And they’re working hard! 
In this 8 week series we will meet with the Dragons. 🐲
We will explore the many connections we have to them and they to us. 
This series includes 8 weekly meditation journeys to connect with many different Dragons and receive 
their messages. 
You can experience this one of two ways:
Option #1 
8 LIVE meditations via Zoom for $199
Please note: This price does NOT include the 1-1 weekly calls, ONLY the meditations. 
These will be recorded for you to replay. 
Option #2
Those same 8 LIVE meditations PLUS…
8 weekly 1-1 calls that include a transmission of Dragon/Light Language to assist you on your journey of Ascension 
Whichever way you decide to engage with this experience, you can count on these things
You Will Be Transformed. 💜🐉⚡ 
It is the gift of the Dragons. 🐲 🎁 
It is the Dragons PROMISE to you. 🐉🙏