Do you feel a calling to help this planet on her mission to evolve? 

Do you want to make an impact and help humanity as a whole?

Working on yourself and clearing the trauma that you carry is a key component.  

E^6 Academy for Enlightenment offers experiences designed to clear not only your trauma, but the trauma from the planet also. 

Mother Earth heals as we heal. Mother Earth ascends because we have healed both of us! 

The Academy for Enlightenment offers the dedicated participant the opportunity to Engage, Explore, Empower, Expand, Enlighten and Evolve. 

With experiences that you won’t find anywhere else, the courses here are truly enlightening in all senses and all ways possible.

From moving through the chakras of the body and our geo locations to clearing the toxins from our body and the body that is our Mother  to taking back our sacred sites to reclaiming our power systems, the offerings of this academy are designed and supported by and channeled from Merlin and a host of higher vibrational beings. Made material and facilitated by me, Brenda Thyne, their very honoured, blessed and privileged vessel. 

It is my most heartfelt wish that those who embark on these extraordinary experiential journeys, exit each one having engaged, explored, empowered, expanded and enlightened  their Soul’s evolution!