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Do you feel held hostage by money? 
Do you have still have money issues despite working on them, in some cases, for years? 
Have you found yourself in what seems like a ‘battle royale’ with money?
Do you have a “love/hate” relationship with money?
Do you find your financial situation fluctuates with extremes? No balance or reliability? 
Do you have beliefs that prevent your money flow
Have you tried “this program and that program” and spent tons of money only to be right where you started from?
Listening to crickets chirp? 
Are you ready for free flowing energy? 
It’s time to align with the energy of money in its highest and most productive form! 
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2024 is an 8 vibration, one of infinite flow and unlimited supply! 
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Free meaning unrestricted, unlimited and fully flowing with the energies of prosperity and freedom!