Psychic Development and Extrasensory Exploration and Engagement

Meet The Clair’s Extrasensory Engagement Experience. 

8 Weeks of Exploring the Extraordinary Being you are!

Have you ever just sensed something about a person or event and later found out it came to pass? 

Do you ever get a “vibe” about something?       

Do you dream about things that sometimes come true or about people that then either appear or call you “out of the blue”? 

Do you feel there is more to life than just living it? 

Do you believe you may have abilities that are beyond the ordinary, maybe even extraordinary? 

Well, you do and YOU, yourself ARE already hardwired to engage with your extraordinary abilities! 

This program guides you in the process of discovering what your natural abilities are and how to hone them to be of the most beneficial, practical and productive use for you as you navigate your life. 

We are all naturally hardwired with 4 extra senses that operate outside the ordinary. 

These are the Clair’s – Clair-voyance (clear vision), Clair-audience (clear hearing), Clair-sentience (clear sensing), Clair-cognizance (clear knowing). 

And you’ll discover 2 other little known “Clairs” that everyone has that work independently of your conscious awareness! 

This program is JAM PACKED with videos, written information, exercises, activations and so much more!




Internationally renowned Psychic Medium and Evolution Engineer 


Meet the Clair’s!

Exploring the Extraordinary. Engaging with your Extra-senses!

Psychic Development with a highly skilled and experienced Psychic Medium

An 8-week in-depth one to one training in the development of the Extra Senses     known as the Psychic Senses.

A truly expansive experience!

Do you ever get a “feeling” about something?

Have you ever got a “vibe” about someone?

Do you enjoy things of a spiritual or paranormal nature?

Have you ever wondered if you have special abilities?

Do you enjoy the experience of psychics and or mediums?

Do you feel that there is more to life than what most are living?

If so, then you are aware that there is most likely, much more to life than just the ordinary…


Intuition and psychic senses go far beyond our normally engaged senses.

Our five senses of sight, sound, touch, taste and feel are just the basics.

It is often experienced by someone who loses the ability to use one of the basic senses, that the other basic senses become heightened.

So often in that experience, if the person is open to it, the “extra” senses will also become more noticeable.

Everyone has these “extra” senses.



They can be accessed and developed.

In this incredible time in Humanity’s evolution, now, more than ever our extra senses  will serve us!

They are meant to assist us in our experience. They are meant to benefit our lives.

They empower us with special skills with which to better discern, decipher and discover the TRUTH of what our lives are about.

When we learn how to harness and properly utilize these special extrasensory abilities, our lives are much more meaningfully vibrant and fulfilling.

This extremely developmental and highly interactive program will teach you not only the basics of extrasensory engagement, it also offers the individual an in-depth experience of personal training with Brenda through a series of exercises, audios, meditations, practices and discussions.

This program comes at a Divinely planned and opportune time.

The Unveiling Time.

The Great Awakening.

A time when it is extremely necessary for us to really get in touch with

ourselves, our abilities and gifts in order to be strong and clear about who

we really are and what we want our lives to be.

A time when seeing “beyond” or “what is hidden” is imperative.

A time when seeing what is not obvious or easily recognized is of the utmost

importance and to our greatest benefit.

A time when being fully engaged with our extra senses and aware of the

deeper meaning to life is more important than ever before.

And a time when discernment and TRUTH are individual experiences.




Because that is exactly WHY we have been equipped with them!

Imagine what your life would be like if you could:

  • * Connect with yourself on a much deeper level
  • * Connect with your loved ones in Spirit and know it is real
  • * Connect and develop a relationship with Other energetic beings from other

realms, dimensions, realities and beyond to learn and benefit from 

*Discern the TRUTH for yourself from within and develop a trusting relationship with that practice

  • * Distinguish from a variety of different filters just what you needed to know
  • * Read and discern energetic information to gain insight into specific areas
  • * Tune in to you, your Higher Self and the totality of your being
  • * Live in command of your extraordinary extra-senses
  • * Help others with your super-powers


During this 8-week extraordinary experience we will cover:

  • The 4 Clair’s plus 2 bonus Clair’s that often go unacknowledged

but are super powerful!

  • The Chakras and Energy and all kinds of other things related!
  • Protection, Grounding and other essential psychic practices
  • Divination methods such as crystal balls, pendulums, cartomancy

(reading cards), psychometry (reading objects), runes, meditation, dreams, automatic writing, remote viewing and mediumship.

What do you get?

– 8 x 30-minute private calls to discuss your extraordinary experiences.

These calls offer confirmation and validation about your personal development.

VALUE: $4000 


– 8 weeks of lessons with proven effective psychic activations and exercises

VALUE: $2000

– 5 activation meditations targeting the individual senses and much more!

VALUE: $1000

– 1 live interactive hypnosis exercise call to engage with the Higher Self

VALUE: $ 500


What makes me special, you ask?

What do I offer that most coaches can not, do not or will not offer?

  • Extremely well-honed extraordinary skills and abilities such as: Intuitive Insight

and Extrasensory Engagement and energetic workings that I have been developing and honing for over 30 years

  • I can see into your field of energy that surrounds your body and I can read your information
  • AND… I can connect with your guides, angels and loved ones in Spirit to offer you expanded insight
  • I have been a professional Spiritual Advisor and psychic medium for over 15 years

assisting ascensions and engineering evolutions for hundreds of people

  • I have an exceptionally strong connection to the Spiritual realm and Universal  Beings

Which Clair Am I? 

Everyone is hardwired to engage with extra senses beyond the physical 5 we know and use every day automatically. 

This introductory program is designed to help you discover which of the 4 extra senses we are wired for are naturally active in you and which ones you may like to develop. 

A guided meditation experience to explore each sense, a pdf to explain each sense and how it operates for the most part within everyone, and a lesson on how to work your engagement. 


Is it Psychic or Intuition? 

And how do I know the difference?

Meditation Exploration