What you can expect:

Your Energy, Your Spirit Helpers and the Tarot…

In a psychic reading, Brenda reads the energy within and around you to give you insight into your experiences that offers guidance and confirmation.  She also works with Guides and Beings of the Light to bring you information that empowers you, motivates and encourages you to move forward and grow into your maximum potential. Brenda also reads Tarot Cards which help to confirm and validate. In a reading, Brenda is able to connect with those beings beyond the 3rd dimension such as loved ones who have crossed over and guides who are with you on your earthly journey, Brenda also connects with the Angels who watch over you and who have messages of love as well as other Ascended Beings of the Light, who bring comforting, compassionate messages filled with insight and DIVINE LIGHT and LOVING support.

“I read your energy. The 6 to 12 foot radius around you is your field and it is full of your information in energy form. I call it your “closet”! I can go in there and look through your wardrobe and see, psychically, all kinds of stuff about you such as; how you are, what you think, where you are and where you are going and whether or not you will like it when you get there! I also see a set of seats in the back of your closet with rows of people who may be family, friends or other energies you know from other places and spaces. Through it all I use Tarot cards to bring structure to what I find in your closet! 

Things you need to know for your session with me: 

I only read what is most beneficial for your Soul at the time. I deal with TRUTH and sometimes that can be a little scary and uncomfortable. I yawn when Spirit is trying to get my attention and I won’t stop until the message is out! Generally, I only ask questions such as, “does this make sense to you?” or “do you know what I am referring to?” If you find that I am, by some remote chance, not making sense to you, please stop me and let me know. A rare occasion but it  can happen and since I am all about accuracy, I will stop, reconnect and carry forward. The only other question I may be prompted to ask is “how old are you?” That question typically is asked when specific cards come down in the spread, indicating a major interest for your Soul. And… You must have a sense of humour because I do and Spirit does and together, part of our job is to lighten things up, so we will definitely do that as often as possible! And last but not least, you may record your session in any way you want, I do not record them.

I have been reading for people for well over 25 years and offer experienced insight, connection and information in every session. All sessions are conducted in the Light and all have an intention of empowerment, enlightenment and an evolutionary experience!”