The Cosmic Laws – A Beginners Journey

What an Extraordinary Event we are ALL Experiencing!
These times are WHY we are here!!! 
There is so very much happening in all areas of our world on ALL levels of consciousness and within ALL Beings right now.
This is the very moment in time when the planet is at a critical turning point.
THE LIGHT HAS WON  and right now, it is extremely important for everyone to HOLD their LIGHT  and increase it where, when and as MUCH as possible.
Hold the vision. Trust the plan. All will be revealed.
When the Solstice comes, we will be required to SHINE our LIGHT as bright and as much as we can for as long as we can!
There are a number of ways that we can prime ourselves for that special time.
One way is to open up to exploring spiritual knowledge and another is to engage with the assistance that is available and being offered at this important time for our Earth. 
The veil between our world and the spiritual world is extremely thin. Why?
It is at this time of ascension that we could most use the empowerment and validation of everlasting existence as much as possible. These times are uncertain and in some cases, not just disconcerting but also frightening for some.
We can influence this experience greatly to be what we have been working towards and assisting our beloved Mother Earth and Her Consciousness Gaia to a Higher Vibration of Light. We are moving into a 5th Dimensional frequency and it requires the Lightness of Beings to accomplish it.
And we are ALL achieving it so keep on glowing! 
The 12 Cosmic Laws of the Universe
There are laws that govern our experience on this planet. These laws are immutable which means they cannot be changed. There are 7 Hermetic Principles that are the main governing laws. There are many others that correspond to the primary laws in relation. 
This journey will introduce you to the 7 Hermetic Principles as contained within the Emerald Tablets in the Halls of Amenti as well as 5 other laws that are integral in the workings of our lives. Once you learn these principles you will know the “rules of engagement” that dictate our material world. 
Master Thoth is your guide and teacher for this series of enlightening and illuminating lessons.