The Enlightenment Series - Illuminating the darkness and clearing the trauma from both YOU AND MOTHER EARTH.

Enlightenment ^6 is Enlightenment to the Power of 6
Throughout this journey of Enlightenment you will Enjoy the Power of
6 in these ways...

Engage Explore Empower Expand Enlighten EVOLVE...



The Enlightenment Series – Premiere Program   

Hello My BEautiful Light Sibling!!! 

How are you doing during this incredibly amazing and Divine experience? 

Are you feeling the many shifts? Flowing with the movement? 

Embracing the intense transformations? 

The Divine Experience of Ascension is in full swing and we are being called to ACT. 

Are you ready to amp it up? It is definitely time for us to Shine Our Lights Bright! 

Do you hear it? Do you feel it? Do you sense it? There is a call for All Light Warriors. 

Gaia is calling on us to illuminate ourselves and Mother Earth. 

She is calling us and counting on our Souls to hold the Light for Her. 

Will you heed Her call? Will you do your part to illuminate your Soul and Shine Your Light Strong and Bright on every level and throughout every lifetime all at once? 

Will you Embrace the Totality of your ENTIRE BEing and SHINE YOUR LIGHT through every cell of every BEing you have EVER BEEN or WILL BE? 

Ah… now we are talking about true ENLIGHTENMENT! 

When you Light up the TOTALITY of YOUR SOUL, you are a powerful GRID of LIGHT and power. When that grid is clear, free-flowing and infused with Love, it is EXACTLY the power Gaia needs for Her ascension and to reach a higher level. 

She needs US to HOLD the LIGHT as thoroughly and consistently as we can. 

This incredible undertaking is the exact process Gaia and all her planetary BEings have chosen to accomplish for Her transcendent experience of Evolution. 

As far as I know, this has never been done this way by any other planet anywhere. 

Therefore, this unique experience is NEW. Naturally Evolved Work without precedent. And we must go within to do the work as our part of the evolution process. 

Enlightenment involves the bringing in of Information to illuminate our Being. 

Casting Light into areas that are not illuminated, discovering what is there and clearing out that which prevents Light from shining bright and strong. 

Everyone Has Shadows. Almost Everyone has lived lifetimes on Earth before and those that have, must understand that not all lifetimes were in service to the Light as a POSITIVE charge. Many Light Warriors have lived lives less than brilliant.

It is all a part of the Divine Plan. It has created this magnificent experience. 

Our mission at this time is to clear out as much of our Soul and its earthly journeys that contains shadows and illuminate our BEing throughout all lifetimes, all spaces, all dimensions, all realities and all realms. When achieved, the Light of the Soul becomes a multi-dimensional grid of Divine Light that shines brilliant and strong. 

How do we accomplish this amazing feat? 

We work on ourselves, our Soul and our Total Being multidimensionally. 

Simultaneously. Illuminating ALL parts of our current BEing, our “PAST” BEings and our “FUTURE” BEings ALL at once. 

Lighting up all the dark areas of our Soul. 

Take a moment and just imagine what that might involve. It is quite extraordinary.

But then… SO ARE YOU!! 

We are NOT alone during this endeavor.

The BEings of Light in the Illumined Realms are instructing, guiding and assisting for we are all in this together! 


This is serious business for it is truly DIVINE SOUL WORK

It is incredibly liberating and essential to the Divine Plan of Ascension for Gaia. 

Actually, it IS the Divine Plan for Gaia. 

There are some who choose to remain in that old energy. They have chosen to experience something aside from the Divine Design of Ascension originally created. 

That is what freewill offers us. It is a powerful gift from the Prime Creator.

It is all ok. 

In a perfect Divine twist, theirs is a journey for God to experience yet another way. 

All is in Divine and Perfect Order. God Bless Us All. What an amazing opportunity! 

Our Mission: Liberate the planet from 3rd density, 3 dimensional consciousness to embody and expand into a 5th dimensional consciousness BEing living in 3D. 

In other words, shifting to a higher, lighter vibrational frequency to exist in a less dense energy of Higher Awareness and Evolved Consciousness. 

This program is multi-dimensionally experiential. 

This 12 week intensive program will assist in the ascension process of your Soul. You will explore and experience the totality of your BEing through many levels of awareness simultaneously and will therefore BE, during each lesson, meditation or activation, affecting ALL intended LIVES ALL AT ONCE! How Cool is THAT? 

Every life and every experience is playing out in real time in some other space than the one you are currently focused on.

Simultaneously. Everywhere. At all times.

Just because you aren’t focused on any other life than your current one, doesn’t mean the others are non-existent. They certainly do exist. AND most importantly… these other lives are playing out in real time. Right now, even though we are here. 

All lives are active in some other realm, dimension, reality or space. 

To connect the lives of our Souls and Light up the Wholeness of our BEing creates a sacred geometry design. It displays an array of brilliant points of Light that when joined and illuminated then reveals a unified BEing, the Unified Light of our Soul. 

Our true Holiness radiates a rainbow of the Divine Light of Love when reconciled. 

Having command of our Light puts us in command of our Life. 

When we are in command of our Life and Light, we are intentionally evolving. 

When we alchemize the trauma and fear, we consciously transcend. 

When we illuminate the shadow, we are Enlightening the Lightbody. 

Lightbody illumination is Enlightenment. Enlightenment is Lightbody Ascension. 

Are you ready to Lighten UP and Light up your Mind, Body and Soul? 

Now is the Time we came for. This is the work we must do. This is our MISSION.   



Enlightenment ^6 Series – Program #2

The Healing LIGHT for HOPE – Helping Our Planet Evolve

8 Weeks of Elemental Engagement for the Evolutionary Enlightenment of You, Mother Earth and Her
Consciousness Gaia.
Engaging with the Magic of Mother Earth and blending our Own Magic we will work with and through all the
Elements to bring illumination and enlightenment to Our Bodies and the Body of Our Mother Earth.
In connecting with Gaia through Mother Earth and working with the elements, our natural gifts, abilities and Energy, we powerfully contribute to the ascension process that is currently underway.

We are assisting AND participating in a birthing experience and our focused intention and Divine practices offer
powerful support for Gaia through the process.
For some time, Gaia has been clearing Her body and consciousness of darkness.
She has become empowered in Her awareness and reclaimed Her Health,
Her Divine Power, and Her LIGHT!
Through the Enlightened and Empowered Beings of Her body Mother Earth, Gaia is
in the throes of a powerful, transcending experience, wherein She Overcomes the Darkness that has plagued
her Being and the Beings of Mother Earth for eons.
Like waking from a bad dream, Gaia has come back to Her awareness of Her TRUE Self and a NEW DAY has Dawned.
She has regained Command of Herself. She has renewed HOPE. She is reclaiming Her power and Her
Lightness of Being.
And… She is beginning to RISE.
She is Rising in vibration, frequency and LIGHT. Gaia is ELEVATING Herself to a Higher State of Being. One
that has transcended and exists and vibrates at a Higher, much faster frequency than EVER before. She is
ASCENDING. She is RISING ABOVE the darkness and the density, vibration and frequencies that house that
As Gaia rises in Vibration, Our Enlightened Consciousness supports Her and She RAISES HERSELF UP. SHE
IS REBORN and through that process, simultaneously, SHE BIRTHS a NEW experience.
Gaia and Mother Earth are eternally giving birth to NEW realities, Expanded Visions and NEW ways to
THAT IS EVOLUTION. It is the Natural Order of Life, We, StarSeeds, are integral in that process. We have
CHOSEN and We have BEEN CHOSEN by Gaia and Mother Earth to Help HER achieve it.
Each week for 8 weeks, we will engage with Gaia through Mother Earth and Her Elements to Enlighten Our
Bodies as well as the Body of Gaia.
We will connect within ourselves and connect to Mother Earth and do what we have come to do… LIGHT IT ALL UP!
Her Body through Our Body. Her Pulse through Our Pulse. Her Life Force through Our Life Force. Her
Consciousness through Our Consciousness. Her Being through Our Being. We are ONE and the Same. FOR
WE ARE CELLS IN HER BODY. Like tiny little batteries, the cells in our bodies hold electrical charge and emit photonic Light. We are the tiny little battery cells in the body of Mother Earth. We HOLD electrical charge for Gaia’s Consciousness to be illuminated or dim. More and more beings on the planet are Lighting up with
awareness. Lightbulbs are coming on everywhere! That is not a coincidental metaphor. We create Light when
we have “AHA” moments. We have all had an “AHA” moment. When we have a realization about something, we become illuminated with the integration of information and comprehension. BAM! Tiny little electrical signals
go off all throughout our Being!
It is Liberating! Just as our collective experience FREES Gaia from the grip the Darkness has held Her by.
She is Enlightened. WE ARE HOPE. Helping Our Planet Evolve.
And it is a truly illuminating experience! We can NEVER have, hold, shine or BE too much LIGHT. 

We are Celestial LightBodies.

We will have assisted Gaia through the Birth of the Light to the Celebration of Her Shine!


Enlightenment ^6 – Program #3 

Taking Back Her Power and Reclaiming Her Power Places.

As many of us are aware, Mother Earth is undergoing a powerful process of Ascension through Transcendence
and Reclamation. She Has broken free of the programming and is aware of Her current condition.
Currently, energetically speaking, Mother Earth has a great need for an infusion of Light.
That’s where we come in.
Over a very long time, Mother Earths circuitry was hacked into and usurped for her natural powers.
This planet is wired with incredible capabilities and while it was originally intended to be discovered, harnessed
and utilized for the purpose of the betterment and the evolution of Humanity, it has been instead, used against
Humanity. She has suffered incredible damage and has reached a tipping point. Mother Earth Needs Our
Assistance. The time for us to act is NOW.
In this New Opportunity Waiting, we are blessed with Divine timing to use our collective visualisation to take
back our power, literally, metaphysically and metaphorically.
So, exactly HOW do we help Mother Earth and Gaia accomplish that?
Through the clearing of the OLD energy, infusing NEW LIGHT and reclaiming of the Planets Power Places.
Reclaiming Her Ley Lines and Sacred Spaces.
Mother Earth’s Ley Lines and Sacred Spaces have reached their greatest charge and need to be rebooted. In
order for Mother Earth/Gaia to ascend to a higher vibration, She must reach her maximum output.
Darkness cannot create therefore the forces that have held Her captive, have reached their maximum output.
What does that mean? It means…
NOW is THE time.

During this 9-week experience of Earthly energy engagement, we will connect with, reclaim and reboot the
energetic gridwork of this planet through the Ley Lines and longitude and latitude coordinates as well the widely
scattered but clearly connected sacred sites around the planet such as StoneHenge, Macchu Picchu, the Great
Pyramids, the Aztec Pyramids and others. We will clear out the negative energy imprints and elevate the vibration with Light and Love.


We will assist in the healing of the AGES.

We will explore many locations and travel psychically to many of the Sacred Sites ending up at some of
the MOST ancient sites we know of such as Gobekli Tepi, StoneHenge and others…
As the power of 3 sets us free, we will also visit and reclaim a couple of the more modern sites that have become tremendous influences in the energetic current that is our Earths pulse. The Ley Lines are recognized
as the “speakers” for the Schumann Resonance and act as the veins into and through which the influx power and geopathic rhythm can be measured. Over the last century, certain areas have been targeted and tapped
into in order to manipulate and distort the energetic current and to continue to immobilize the planet and her

The time has come to dismantle and disconnect this system.

Concluding this instalment of the Enlightenment Series will be our doing that very thing, adding our intention,
energy, Love and Light to the veins and circuitry of Mother Earth and assisting in Her taking back Her power
and reclaiming Her Sovereignty.
This Enlightenment experience will be one of the Highest Charge and Resonance.

It will be a TRUE transformer!

While it is NOT a prerequisite to have done the previous programs in this series, it is HIGHLY recommended.


Enlightenment ^6 Series – Program 4

Reclaim, Redeem and Reboot the Power Systems.

Here we are again in the powerful new realms of yet another NEW level!
Another emergence of Naturally Evolved Work.


So we are.

And so we continue to grow and BE.

In this NEW program of the Enlightenment ^6 Series, we will spend 8 weeks reclaiming, redeeming and
rebooting 8 major systems in, not only our physical body but also the energetic bodies of our Earthly experience.

The energetic systems of the physical body oversee and govern our everyday life. So too, do the
energetic systems of our Earthly, human experience.

These systems affect our Human experience and that of our Mother Earth and Her Consciousness Gaia.
In this program we will move through 8 major governing systems of the physical body.

They include: The Reproductive System, The Respiratory System, The Circulatory System, The Endocrine
System, The Digestive System, The Cardiovascular, The Skeletal System, the Nervous System.

Each of these systems need to be flushed with Light and Rebooted with Right Intention.

In similar accordance, the systems that have overtaken Mother Earth/Gaia and Her Beings, also need to be flushed with Light and Rebooted with Right Intention. These include: The Education System, The Healthcare System, The Financial, The Political
System, The Religion System, The Military System, The Corporate System, The Industrial System.
We will bring Light to ALL of these systems and reclaim, redeem and reboot them all.
As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without. So BE it. And So IT is. The Micro and the Macro.
It is our SOUL/SOLE responsibility.
This program is 8 weeks and comes with all the regular and yet so critical elements.
8 weekly power meditations.
8 weekly 30 minute calls.

If you have yet to experience an Enlightenment ^6 Series program, I highly recommend you begin at the beginning, these programs are advanced, deep and immersed spiritual work.

Awareness is key.

These programs are not for everyone, you must be willing to to do deep inner work.