I am beginning a new journey in my career and my life that has been initiated by this Divine Blessing of a Plandemic.
For over 20 years now I have worked the Light and Truth with people through readings, energy treatments and coaching.
Now, because of this beautifully orchestrated hot mess blessing, aka Armageddon, I have been called to work my Light and Truth in a different capacity. I have practiced, preached and taught, enlightenment through self-empowerment, self-exploration, and acknowledging our truth and working to live it everyday. Exactly as you have done. Being True to YOU. And to God. We are here to remember who we were before the hijack and to reclaim our Sovereign nature.
In staying true to you and your truth, you, in my opinion, have stayed true to your Source, the I Am That You Are.
Divine Missions for that Source for many are not easy. As you well know, they can hold many challenges, trials and
tribulations. That, in my experience, indicates that you are a Master who is merely sparring off against suitable opposition.
Like the martial artist who is only a match for another of their skill level, you were always met with your match. And you overcame them. Every last one of them. And here you are now, telling the TRUE STORY. The TRUTH. Proving you are the Master of the I Am That You Are. Despite, in spite of and maybe even to spite, each and every bit of it to be victorious and ultimately, TRUE to not only your own self, but also to TRUTH, LIGHT, LOVE and above all GOD, to whom goes all the Glory.
To expose the darkness and offer illumination. To assist in the lighting up of this planet through truth for Ascension.
I hold the deepest respect and soul appreciation for you. You are truly extraordinary and a gift to us all from Source.
My journey has called me to connect with you to request your time, Light and Truth for my new career adventure wherein I interview awesome people such as yourself to share their own Light and Truth with me and my audience via Zoom.
My video series “To Thyne Own Self Be True – The I Am That I Am” will feature people who enlighten and empower.
I was blessed and honoured to debut this series with the wonderfully “down-to-earth” Alex Collier. It was quite a launch!

Since then I have had conversations with incredible people, such as Cathy O’Brien, Patricia Cori, Lucas Alexander and Sacha Stone, all are extraordinary.

As are you.

And so, your name is on my list of people with whom I would love to have the great honour of sharing time, Light and Truth with.
I have found myself drawn to you as a like-minded individual and someone who has remained true to thyself!
I have enjoyed numerous videos of you and on every occasion, found myself thinking, “holy crap! That’s exactly what I…” say, think or believe! (well, I actually use different language but you get my meaning!��)
The alignment is truly Divine and I resonate so strongly with what you speak about that it’s like you READ MY MIND!
Aside from your own truth, I would love for you to address certain topics of necessary discussion that revolve around today’s current events such as:
Sovereignty/Commerce Law, Illuminati/Luciferian Cabal, BIS, IMF and WEF, 5G, Vaccines, AI, the Mark of the Beast, Trump, Satanism and SRA, Aliens, Reptilians, Archons, Demons, False Light, Soul Harvesting, Duality/Polarity, Ascension, the U.N. Agendas and the real Divine Plan.

Since I am new to this whole process, I am unsure if this is how to go about requesting such a connection, so if this is not the correct step to take, I would certainly appreciate any assistance that you may be able to provide.

I look forward to our connection, hopefully to have an extraordinary engagement together!

With soul much appreciation for your work, your Light and YOU,

Brenda Thyne
Connections Resource Centre
True Leading Edge Consulting 

Extrasensory Engager, Evil Exposer and Extraordinary Entrepreneur 

To Thyne Own Self Be TrueI AM THAT I AM

Brenda Thyne and Friends 



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